Susannah’s Story

Just4Children are raising funds for Susannah aged 18 months old from Basingstoke to receive specialist equipment and therapies concentrating on breathing and posture providing exercises and massages to help with her motor skills.

Our younger daughter Susannah was born prematurely at 28 weeks accompanied with hugely traumatic labour complications which resulted in a brain bleed. She then spent the entire first year of her life in hospital bound by lifesaving wires and hooked up to tubes due to major respiratory and feeding issues. The doctors decided that in order to resolve these issues, they needed to operate and fit Susannah with a tracheostomy tube to help her to breathe and she was later fitted with a PEG to help with her feeding. 

From birth, our family has been told repeatedly to expect the worst and the doctors had no hope for her survival. This heart-breaking news has impacted our family in such a huge way as the NHS has limited resources and we now need to turn to private physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists. We also desperately need the equipment to go along with Susannah’s much needed therapies and, as only one parent works so that the other can care for Susannah as she needs round the clock care, this is a huge expense for us. Stem cell therapy is an additional option for Susannah and depending on funding, this could be crucial in her development as she is approaching her second birthday and has yet to smile, feed orally or crawl.

Susannah still spends large amounts of time attending hospitals and doctors and although she is making incremental improvements by God’s grace, she is still severely globally delayed. 

With your help, we will be able to help Susannah with the imperative support that she needs and various therapies that will help her to reach her childhood milestones. We would be very grateful for any donations that can be made as these therapies will change Susannah’s life immensely and help her obtain some form of normality.

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