Surgery for Michael – Chiari Malformation

Just4Children are raising money for Michael to attend a Chiari specialist centre in Barcelona for surgery.

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Just4Children are raising money for Michael to attend a Chiari specialist centre in Barcelona for surgery.

Michael lives in East Kilbride aged 9. When Michael had an accident at school in 2016, it was discovered he had Chiari Malformation after a CT Scan.

Chiari Malformation is when the cerebellar tonsils herniate outside the skull, leading to crowding of the brain stem and in the majority of cases blockages of CSF fluid. This leads to a multitude of symptoms, headaches, migraines, widespread body pain, dizziness, trouble swallowing, numbness, loss of feeling in arms or legs, loss of bladder or bowel control, sleep apnea or in extreme cases, paralysis or death. This condition is one lacking in research or Chiari specialists in Scotland and the UK.

Michael has a severe herniation of 21mm, with brainstem compression and a CSF blockage. He also suffers from headaches and sleep apnea, which is likely being caused by the compression of the brain stem. In the UK the only treatment available for patients with Chiari, is the invasive craniectomy procedure, known as Decompression, where part of the skull is removed and a patch can be sewn to expand the space. This comes with many risks and complications and months of recovery. However, it does not reverse any nerve damage and may not cure any of the current symptoms. It is used to stop the worsening of symptoms and this is what is being offered now for Michael.

In Barcelona, the Chiari Institute has introduced a new method which is less invasive and has more favourable results. More recently, a 9-year-old girl had deteriorated to the point she had to rely on a wheelchair. Having this surgery meant she was up on her feet the next day, and walking within 5 days, whilst the NHS had said there was nothing else they could do. There are many other success stories.

The Chiari Institute in Barcelona have advised that this treatment could help halt symptoms for Michael so that he would not then require to have brain surgery in the UK.

Please give your support so that Michael can have this chance to lead a fuller life.

Thank you

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