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Summer’s Fairy Tale – a story of her steps

Just4Children are raising funds to give Summer the opportunity to have the potentially life-changing Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) procedure.

Summer is aged 6 from Braintree in Essex. She was born 12 weeks prematurely along with her identical twin sister in 2011. A few weeks after her birth she was diagnosed with a brain injury common in premature babies called PVL and we were told that it would likely affect her mobility. At around 18 months old, Summer was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy (CP).

Summer is just like any other little girl of her age, except she can’t walk unaided and finds it more difficult to move around on her own. She is a very happy and motivated but heartbreakingly, she gets very upset that she ‘can’t do everything the same as her friends’.

The SDR procedure will improve her mobility both upright and on the floor, by improving the spastic component of her hypertonia. We would expect to see improvement in her range of movement at the hips, knees and ankles, allowing her to be more upright when standing and make it easier for her to take a step. This will help her to achieve her dream of walking the best she can by herself!

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