Substantial brain cyst thought to be responsible for two-year-old Ralphie’s setback

A substantial brain cyst is thought to be responsible for the set back of a brave toddler.

Little Ralphie Ellard was born nine weeks premature and suffered numerous complications. As a result he was diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy and the condition affects his speech, muscle reactions and his ability to walk and eat normally.

Every day is a struggle for the Weymouth family, but mum Sian remains positive and admires her son’s fighting spirit.

In May Ralphie, now two, had a seizure which was a huge set back for his development.

The family have had an agonising wait to find out the cause.

Recent MRI results showed that Ralphie did not have a stroke or encephalitis but doctors did discovered a large growth on his brain.

The family now have yet another unbearable wait for a conformation from the hospital on whether it is a cyst or a tumour. Doctors are confident that is it a cyst, although the official diagnosis will not be for a few weeks.

The believed cyst is putting an enormous pressure on Ralphie’s brain and specialists believe this is responsible for his set back. And this is why his eye is turning in and he has developed a squint.

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