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Sonny’s Steps

Just4Children are hoping to raise funds for Sonny to receive physio to maximise his potential.
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Sonny’s Steps

Just4Children are hoping to raise funds for Sonny to receive physio to maximise his potential.

Sonny is 2 years old from Tiverton in Devon and has Cerebral Palsy which effects the right side of his body. He requires daily physio to help build neurological pathways and strengthen muscles. Sonny also needs to wear two foot splints to help support weakness in his ankles, while in addition he has a hand splint to help open his hand from a usually ‘fisted’ position. 

We were told Sonny might not ever walk. However, we are confident that with continuous therapy and help using his equipment he will one day take independent steps. Sonny’s brain injury has also impacted his speech and language, so we are seeking support from speech therapists to provide important intervention. Sonny has already defied all odds and shown so much determination over the last 2 years and we are so proud of him.

Unfortunately, the NHS are very stretched and Sonny gets very limited help. We rely massively on private therapy to give him the additional support he really needs to maximise his full potential. 

We were overwhelmed two years ago by the help and support given in our last fundraiser. The money we raised has had lasting impacts on Sonny. Words can’t explain how grateful we are. Private therapy isn’t something we can continue to provide Sonny without raising more funding and we again look to amazing friends, family and kindness of strangers.

We would hope to continue with his private physiotherapy, occupational therapy and possibly attend another course of constraint therapy.

If you would like to do any kind of fundraising to support, please let us know and of course If you’d like to understand more about any of these his treatments or understand his condition more, please get in touch.

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