School kids sell their toys for poorly Amelia

Six-year-old Amelia Stanco, who was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus, needs stem cell treatment in Poland

Kind-hearted school kids are selling their toys in the hope of raising money for their class mate to go abroad for pioneering treatment for illnesses.

They are pitching in to help six-year-old Amelia Stanco, who was born with spina bifiida and hydrocephalus.

Amelia, a pupil at Ysgol y Foryd in Kinmel Bay , is paralysed from the waist down, which means her bladder and bowels do not work properly.

But despite all her medical complications Amelia always has a smile on her face. Her parents believe the only hope for the improvement of their daughter’s health is pioneering stem cells transplantation in Poland.

Amelia’s mother Sylwia, who works as a carer, said: “I’m in touch with the parents of a four-old girl in Poland who has had the treatment and has had amazing results.

“She now has movement in her legs and her bowels are working properly for the first time.

“It might not work for Amelia, but we feel we have to give her this chance as it would be life-changing for her if it worked.

“We are trying to raise £13,000 for the treatment, and have already raised over £4,000.”

Sylwia continued: “Amelia’s school has been amazing, and her class mates are incredible they seem to have really taken her to their hearts.

“They’ve even done a video on how they want to help.

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