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Samuel suffered a devastating brain injury at birth.  He survived against all odds and hope but has been diagnosed with severe quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy.  Please help us give him a chance.

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Samuel suffered a devastating brain injury at birth. He survived against all odds and hope but has been diagnosed with severe quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy. He desperately needs funds to buy specialist equipment like an all terrain wheelchair.

On 9th April 2015, our son Samuel was born. He was full term and had a healthy pregnancy. He weighed 3.7kg.  That’s the “normal” stuff. Everything else for Samuel is extraordinary.

Samuel got into difficulty during labour and his heart rate started to become abnormal.

He was delivered by urgent C-Section, but by then his faint heart rate had stopped. The crash team from the Neo Natal Special Care Unit was called. During his resuscitation in theatre the doctor came over to tell us that our baby was very ill and he would try his best, but he didn’t think he would survive. We thought our beautiful boy was going.

After 23 agonising minutes the doctor came back over and told us our boy had a heart rate and that the on call consultant was coming in. Samuel clung on to life way beyond what anyone expected. He had less than 1% chance of survival.

He has been left with a severe brain injury and has cerebral palsy.

Samuel has progressed to walking, eats significant amounts orally, and is using a communication system and can understand and responds to lots of words.

Increasingly we have found it harder to get him equipment through the existing channels that would support his developing abilities, and these now are more pressing limitations on the quality of his life. Samuel desperately needs funds to buy specialist equipment like an all terrain wheelchair, and suitable seating for eating with the family to improve the quality of his life experience, while also allowing the access of therapies both here and in the US.

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