Rosie’s Rehabilitation 

Please donate to fund the private therapy and specialist equipment Rosie needs for her rehabilitation post brain bleeds, multiple strokes and a heart transplant. 

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Please donate to fund the private therapy and specialist equipment Rosie needs for her rehabilitation post brain bleeds, multiple strokes and a heart transplant. 

Rosie is aged 4 from near Maldon In Essex. She was born a healthy, happy little girl. At 2 she was diagnosed with Restrictive Cardiomyopathy, a heart muscle disease. Her only hope of survival, a heart transplant.

At 3 she suffered a cardiac arrest requiring CPR resulting in Rosie going on the urgent transplant list on Christmas Eve 2015. In February 2016, Rosie was in end stage heart failure and had an 8 hour operation to attach a mechanical heart. The mechanical heart caused 2 brain bleeds, requiring emergency craniotomies and multiple strokes.

Thanks to a selfless, courageous family a donor was found and Rosie received a heart transplant in July 2016. The multiple strokes have caused severe brain damage, leaving Rosie with bilateral dystonic movement disorder and requiring intensive rehabilitation. Rosie is getting stronger every day but is unable to sit or stand unaided, to eat or communicate.

Please donate to enable Rosie to enjoy every precious moment that the gift of a new heart has given her.

Thank you.