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Rosie’s Legs

Bella Rose is a 7 year old from Greenwich in London. She has Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy and Just4Children want to help her fulfil her dream to walk independently.

Together with the help of generous donors, fundraisers, family and friends getting together, monies were raised for life changing surgery, Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) which has changed little Rosie’s life. The surgery’s aim was to take the discomfort and pain away from Rosie’s body which was caused by the spasticity consequence of her condition.

Rosie’s mobility has improved so much already. She is stepping better and is desperately wanting to stand up and take her very first steps. Of course, the downfall of not being able to walk for six years of her life mean that her leg muscles and hip are not in the greatest shape. To qualify for hip and hamstring lengthening surgery Rosie is required to strengthen her legs and hip muscles but to do that, Just4Children need your help. Your donations will help to pay for the intensive therapies and specialist equipment that Rosie needs to strengthen her little body to get to the next stage of her physical stability journey and beyond.

Here is a little history of Bella Rose, otherwise known as Rosie. Developing from an empty sac (false pregnancy), she was almost wrongly terminated by the health professionals. Pushing for one last look to be sure, one last hope to hold on to, I knew I couldn’t just give up and that’s when miraculously a simple beat came through the ultrasound machine. After two months of no hope of a foetus developing in the sac I was carrying inside me and being told it’s not real, I finally saw her patchy, blotched figure on the ultrasound machine. I knew from that point on that Rosie would defy all odds and my goodness has she done just that!  I didn’t give up on her then and I won’t give up on her now. Despite all the different diagnoses and the very small hope the health professionals had for her, just look at her now, stronger day by day.

If Rosie’s story moved you and you want to support her journey, please make a donation, share our story to tell your friends and family to help. We dearly appreciate every donation made to help superstar Rosie get up on her feet.

Donate and follow Rosie’s progress every step of the way on Instagram @rosieslegs

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