Rockin for Ralphie!

A rockin’ music festival has been organised for a brave toddler who suffers from severe cerebral palsy.

Little Ralphie Ellard he was born nine weeks prematurely and, as a result, suffered many complications.

Having suffered severe brain damage, he was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Ralphie, now two, has problems with his speech, muscle reactions, ability to walk and ability to eat normally.

Ralphie suffered a suspected stroke in May and is now undergoing tests to find the cause of it.

The suspected stroke was a setback for Ralphie, as he was due to undergo an operation on June 4 to fit a permanent feeding tube into his stomach to allow him to feed.

Ralphie and his family, who are from Weymouth, now face a lot of travelling to Poole and Southampton for appointments plus numerous appointments with health specialists and the local authority.

The authority is currently trying to find a new home large enough for Ralphie, his two brothers Freddie and Charlie, his mum Sian and dad Dominic, and all the specialist equipment that he needs.

The family and friends of Ralphie are therefore hosting a ‘Rockin for Ralphie’ music festival on Friday, November 10 at the Ocean Room in Weymouth Pavilion.

Sian said: “We were very disappointed when Ralphie could not have his feeding tube fitted, but I totally understand why and that the surgeon needs to be 100 per cent sure of the cause before performing another operation.

“As Ralphie grows it is becoming more and more difficult to get around and now Ralphie needs a specialist wheelchair which is going to cost in the region of £5,000, so I thought we could raise some money towards this by hosting a musical fundraising evening for 400 people.”

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