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Robyn’s Rainbow

Just4Children are raising much needed funds to pay for Robyn's essential treatments, therapies and equipment needed to help her development.

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Just4Children are raising much needed funds to pay for Robyn’s essential treatments, therapies and equipment needed to help her development.

Robyn was born in Newport, South Wales extremely early and with a extremely low birth weight of 328g. She is the smallest baby born in Wales. Her brain was starved of oxygen and after a MRI scan we discovered she has stage 3 HIE or Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy

We have been told she may not talk, see, walk or eat. We think we can combat this with the right treatments and therapies.

We already know how much of a warrior Robyn is and how much she has overcome. Whilst in hospital she has battled getting off the ventilator, various battles with sepsis, 16 blood transfusions, lumbar punctures. She is still in the hospital from birth currently 200+ days. We are waiting to get her home safely to start treatments to give her the best chances of life. She will likely need 24 HR care once home.

Robyn has severe brain damage.

The best chance of her developing is for her brain to make new pathways around the brain damage. This is known as neuroplasticity.

Her brain is most able to do this in the first years of her life so we are determined to do as much therapy as we can while her little brain is at its most plastic state.

We want to be able to provide Robyn with regular therapy such as physiotherapy and speech and language therapy. We also want to provide her with specialist equipment such as trikes, wheelchairs and seating that will enable her to develop as much as she can and enjoy life like all children should be able to do.

Unfortunately, as amazing as the NHS is it simply cannot provide these things. We have found there are a massive range of resources and equipment out there to support babies and children like Robyn but they all come with a large price tag. These therapies need to be done consistently on a regular basis for them to be beneficial and effective.

Therapies and interventions such as intensive neuro movement therapy, equipment, brain plasticity therapy and adapted toys will come at a cost most regular people just cannot afford.

Please help us give Robyn the best chance in life. Thank you

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