Riley’s ABR Journey

Just4Children want to fund therapy to keep making Riley stronger and happier.

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Just4Children want to fund therapy to keep making Riley stronger and happier.

Riley is 9 years old and lives in Dundee. He has multiple brain abnormalities, epilepsy, a hearing condition and has little sight. He’s a happy little boy and normally keeps well. 

Right now Riley is in ICU on a ventilator due to catching a cold bug he couldn’t fight off. He has been shielding and isolating for most of the year which means immunity to normal Illness has reduced. Thanks goodness that Riley has been partaking in ABR therapy programme for one year now. We’d hate to think how this year would have gone if he wasn’t that bit stronger from this therapy. 

In particular Riley’s breathing capacity has improved. His lungs are strengthening which is so important to as reduced mobility increases risk of respiratory illnesses which can be life threatening. Riley typically used to sleep through the night 2 to 3 nights a week. Riley now sleeps all night most nights at home after his exercises! It’s been absolutely life changing to have a complete night’s sleep…..for us both! 

Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation or ABR is a unique therapy which rebuilds the strength, structure and function of the body. It is a ‘hands-on’ manual therapy that is similar to deep-tissue massage. It focuses on fascia; a type of connective tissue found around and between muscles.

ABR has also helped so Riley can stretch out his limbsas his legs and knees are no longer stuck and tense. He can be comfortable and he can control his head while he can cross his legs to sit. Riley’s shoulder blades are visible now and his spine has opened up and allows for mobility that he has never had. He can be free in his own body and skin. 

I used to be able to leave Riley lying and not worry he’d roll away. I can’t do this anymore because he can now wriggle himself. 

Riley can lay in the prone position and last year he simply couldn’t do this. Whenever I would try to lay him this way he would cry and become very distressed because he struggled to breathe. His lungs are so much stronger now and he can lay in this position for 45 minutes and fall asleep. He is so relaxed! This for me was an amazing moment. This for me was like what I would imagine a first step, word or regular milestone would have felt like. 

The ABR team have been remarkably supportive and it’s been fantastic! 

We would love to keep going with this therapy to keep making Riley stronger and happier.

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