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Remarkable Ronnie

Just4Children need your support to help Ronnie push the boundaries and reach his full potential through therapies and equipment.

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"Good work with the head shave James. Best wishes Ronnie!"
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"So proud of our policeman son"
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"Great work Joey! Best of luck and happy Father’s Day"
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"Another push for shaving lots of hair off! Much love Ronnie xxx"
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"So important we don’t lose momentum #remarkableronnie xx"
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"Brilliant to help Ronnie "
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"Hope Big Ron gets the therapy he needs, love from Al"
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"Good luck with the fundraising and Ronnie hope you get the treatment you need. Now for Tom Willett to shave his head!!"
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"You are an amazing family and little Ronnie is a super star"
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"For Ronnie, Alex and all the brave and wonderful children 🤗"
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"God bless you Joey"
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"Any friend of Alexander is a friend of mine! Go Ronnie! All the best from The Cook Family "
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"Your lovely friend Alex asked for donations to help you Ronnie. What a wonderful friend he is. X"
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"Best wishes for Joey! Alex is very concerned about you. 🙏🏻♥️"
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"For Ronnie from a friend of Alex's in America. XOXO"
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Just4Children need your support to help Ronnie push the boundaries and reach his full potential through therapies and equipment.

Ronnie is remarkable in every sense of the word. He is a determined 2 year old from Rugby who came into the world at 28 weeks. His resilient start took a massive step back when we were told that Ronnie had suffered a substantial brain injury and cysts had begun to leave holes in his brain. That day our world came crashing down!

Ronnie was diagnosed with bilateral cystic PVL which would evolve into cerebral palsy. To what extent this diagnosis would affect him was a total unknown.

Fast forward and Ronnie is a beautiful smiley little boy. Ronnie’s CP affects all 4 of his limbs. He also suffers from epilepsy and a cortical visual impairment. Ronnie cannot roll unaided, sit, crawl or walk. Ronnie’s capacity to speak is affected and he has swallowing difficulties. Ronnie is totally reliant on us for everything.

Ronnie has physio and SALT courtesy of our fantastic NHS. Although we try our best with hours of physio at home, the intervention that Ronnie needs far exceeds what the NHS and us as parents can offer in terms of benefit but also in cost. Ronnie has started private movement therapy sessions. The more therapy we can provide Ronnie with now, the bigger positive impact it will have on his development and independence.

Our remarkable boy is improving lots and he has so much potential it’s just a case of unlocking it. Early intervention is key whilst Ronnie is little so that new neuro pathways can be built to learn new skills such as sitting, crawling and potentially walking in the future. As he gets bigger, his body will give up on that potential so therapies now are vital for Ronnie to help live a full life!

Our son is the most amazing little soul! The sky is the limit for our fighter and helping ‘Remarkable Ronnie’ to reach his potential would be the most immense gift we could ever give him! Just4Children need your support in providing Ronnie with a bright future!

Thank you to those who continue to be an untiring advocate for Ronnie!

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