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Project Go Go

Just4Children wants to fundraise for costly private therapies, an Eye Gaze and other equipment and orthotics to improve Go Go's quality of life.

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Just4Children wants to fundraise for costly private therapies, an Eye Gaze and other equipment and orthotics to improve Go Go’s quality of life.

Margot (Go Go) is a 3 year old little girl from Croydon, South London. She was diagnosed with a rare genetic progressive neurological disorder called Rett Syndrome which affects every aspect of her life. She has profound physical and communication disabilities and complex medical needs. We were told she would never talk and may never walk.

Rett Syndrome has taken so much from her but by no means defines her. She is a bright, cheeky and determined little girl just bursting with potential. Like any other 3 year old she wants to play and have fun but her body just won’t cooperate.

Go Go has recently trialled an eye gaze device, an amazing piece of technology that allows her to “speak” using her eyes. Eye gaze has unlocked her voice and we can finally hear her thoughts! She communicates her needs and shares her beautiful personality with us. She has so much to say! And we cannot wait to hear more.

We would love for Go Go to have her own eye gaze device. Unfortunately, we face long waiting lists, strict assessment criteria and the stark reality that she will likely be refused funding and we will have to find around £10,000 to fund one ourselves. We ask for your help to raise funds for Just4Children to buy Go Go her very own eye gaze device and give her a voice!

We are also fundraising to help pay for costly private therapies, equipment and orthotics that our overstretched NHS cannot provide. All to improve Go Go’s quality of life.

We fund therapies such a speech, physio, OT, CME and a neuroplasticity programme. We’d love to take her to see a CME practitioner either here in the UK or abroad. We have been amazed at the progress Go Go has made from just a few hours of online training and believe one day we will see her take her first steps!

We have big dreams for Go Go. She has big dreams too! As her parents we ask for your help to support Go Go to achieve those dreams, to live her best life and reach her full potential which we know is huge!

Thank you.
Go Go, Paul and Kirsty

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