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Pranav’s Wish to Walk

Please support Just4Children fund raising for Pranav to have a spinal surgery called SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) which will enable him to have an independent life that he deserves.

Pranav is 6 year old boy from Milton Keynes. He is very enthusiastic, determined and energetic. He has been a fighter from the day one of his life.

Pranav was born 30 weeks premature and weighted just 1.4 kg. He spent 18 days in NICU where had many health issues. While growing we noticed he was not reaching his milestones like crawling, kneeling and walking. He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 15 months old.

All these Years CP makes his legs very tight and very painful. After the months of investigation and years of research we found a spinal surgery called SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) which will completely remove the tightness from his legs permanently. This surgery will help him to build the strength in his legs to achieve another level of independence and life that he deserves.

Pranav could be a possible candidate for St Louis Children’s Hospital in the USA. This would allow him to stand independently and potentially walk. But, sadly this operation is not funded by the NHS.

Pranav has now received approval for his surgery by Dr Park of St Louis Children’s Hospital. We are working to fix his surgery date. This surgery would allow him to have an independent and pain free life as it removes the tightness from his legs permanently. With intensive physio Pranav would be able to stand on his own and potentially walk.

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The funds raised will be used for the surgery cost, immediate after care and initial 3 weeks intensive physio.

Post surgery, Pranav will require years of on going physiotherapy. However, the first 3 years will be intense. Starting off with 5 sessions per week in the first year at the rate of £80 per hour; £25,000 in the first year, £15,000 in the second year and £10,000 in the third year. Pranav will also need specialist equipment.

See Pranav’s Facebook page

Pranav questions us when he will walk just like his friends which breaks our hearts.

Please join us in the fundraising campaign to give him the life that he deserves. This will cover the operation and the intensive post op physiotherapy.

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