Physio and Equipment for Mia Amor

Just4Children are fundraising for Mia Amor to enable her to have a better quality of life and some independence. It will allow her to gain skills and help her with development physically and mentally.
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Physio and Equipment for Mia Amor

Mìa Amor is 1 year old and from Barrow in Furness. She was born with a brain menigcele, dandy walker syndrome, hydrocephalus and scoliosis.

At aged 13 months (8th December 2021) Mìa required surgery to repair the brain meningocele and have a vp shunt fitted. Unfortunately, during this surgery Mìa went into cardiac arrest and didn’t not recover as well as expected.

Due to complications Mìa developed a hematoma and started having seizures. She required further surgery and suffered a stroke, which has affected the left side of her body. She now also requires medication for epilepsy.

Mìa spent 3 months in hospital with her mum and dad in Newcastle. During this time she regressed massively and could no longer hold her head up, smile, talk or do anything that she could do before surgery.

Once coming home in February 2022 Mìa had to relearn everything and started intensive physio sessions doing dmi therapy. She has currently completed 20 days of block bookings.

The therapy she receives is out of our home town so travel and accommodation is necessary. She has progressed massively since starting this therapy and we would like to continue to do this as it will help give her a better way of life and some independence as she grows.

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