Our wee Epilepsy Warrior

Billy Urgently needs your help.

This Post is so hard to write as it is reality and very close to my heart.

Billy has completed his Intense Epilipsy Surgical Evaluation here in LA. My Mummy’s instinct had told me there was something seriously wrong with my wee Superhero when Mr. Seizure returned. But I couldn’t have known this.

Dr. Nordli has diagnosed Billy with a condition “Hippocambal Sclerosis” caused by previous seizures left untreated. The condition has manifest itself on front left lobe of Billy’s brain in the form of a lesion and scarring. This has now became the focus of Billy’s life. If left untreated the unthinkable will inevitably happen, my wee Superhero will die!

Dr. Nordli has confirmed Billy is a candidate for surgery giving him a good chance of being seizure free for the rest of his life.

We are now awaiting test Pet scan results, as Dr. Nordli has to present to Billy’s Neurosurgeon the dimensions of lesion and scarring. It will then be determined whether the neurosurgical team can remove this on its own or whether they will have to remove all the front left lobe where the condition has manifest itself.

The left front lobe on the brain controls memory and speech. This is something our wee Superhero would have to forfeit to save his life.

The last few months we as a family have being living the unimaginable. The waiting list on the NHS is 9 months long to have Billy see a consultant, and that is without testing or treatment! Billy certainly does not have time to wait!

If you are a parent, then I’m sure I don’t have to explain my anguish, I can’t help Billy on my own.

The life of my wee Superhero is in your hands. I am desperately reaching out to each and everyone of you. I don’t know what else to do. I am praying for compassion and kind heartness! My Superhero Mummy powers are just not enough to overcome this one on my own.

Medical Bills here in LA already stand at $75,000. We do not have the money to pay, and that is without the cost of brain surgery, which is most likely to be hundreds of thousands!

We are not starting to plan Christmas like other families and we haven’t even thought about what pressies to buy or what size of turkey to order for dinner. All seems so irrelevant.

No, we have only one Xmas wish this year, that we will raise the crucial funds to pay for Billy’s life-saving surgery – and he will survive to see Christmas another year!

Text Keep81 £10 to 70070


Thank you to you all in advance. Please keep our wee Epilepsy Warrior in your prayers.

Billy’s Heartbroken Mummy, Charlotte.

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