Our Little Warrior

Our little warrior Owen has survived against all odds. Now we want to help him in his next battle - with various therapies and treatments - a great quality of life in spite of a severe brain injury.

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"I hope Owen gets as much access to treatment and care as possible. And I hope his Mum enjoyed the terrifying-sounding abseil :)"
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Our little warrior Owen has survived against all odds. Now we want to help him in his next battle – with various therapies and treatments- a great quality of life in spite of a severe brain injury.

Owen is a loving, joyful 3 year old boy.

When Owen was born he unexpectedly suffered a huge brain injury leaving him with a number of severe disabilities. Owen has quadriplegic dystonic cerebral palsy. Owen cannot sit, walk or talk and is fed via a tube, yet he understands everything and loves to learn.

In spite of his challenges Owen is a happy, bright little boy who deserves a life of inclusion, positivity and fulfilment. To help with this we are raising funds to ensure Owen lives his life to the full.

The NHS provides the basics in terms of Owens care, but the level of intervention and equipment that is needed to ensure he reaches his full potential is out of reach and needs to be funded privately.

Here are some of the treatments we are fundraising for:

Alternative Communication therapy – we know Owen will need a communication aid as his condition means any level of speech is out of reach. We want him set on the pathway to an alternative communication aid sooner rather than later which means privately funded weekly therapy. As Owen understands to the level of any other 3 year old, unlocking his ability to communicate will be life changing for him and his family.

Ongoing intensive Physiotherapy both in the UK and Abroad: Physiotherapy is essential in ensuring Owen reaches his full capability and maintains a healthy body

Equipment to ensure inclusion: Owen loves being around other children, to help facilitate this equipment can be a huge help for example an adapted trike.

Owen was on the cusp of a completely ‘typical’ life, now we want to do everything we can to ensure he has an amazing full life, we don’t want him to miss out on anything – and if there is anyone who deserves it, it’s him.

Thank you

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