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Just4Children seeks your support to help Oliver reach his full potential. Give him the Opportunities he deserves.

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Just4Children seeks your support to help Oliver reach his full potential. Give him the Opportunities he deserves.

Oliver is aged 6 from Didcot in Oxon. He was struck down very early with Acute Necrotising Encephalopathy of Childhood (ANEC), a rare brain condition affecting just 150 people across the world.

On the 20th February 2016 Oliver was only three and a half years old. He was rushed into Accident and Emergency Department in Oxford because he had a seizure at home.

The outcome was a Severe Acquired Brain Injury.

Unfortunately, whilst the NHS is extremely good, they are not always able to provide all the equipment, therapy and treatment that people need.

Our goal is to raise money for Just4Children to improve Oliver’s quality of life and to help him get (as close as possible) back to the way he was prior to his illness. This will be done by using the money to provide equipment, therapy and medical treatment that Oliver needs or may benefit from.

Please read updates and full story here

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