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Noah Jack’s Journey

Just4Children are fundraising for vital physiotherapy sessions and specialised equipment to help Noah aged 5 months old from Preston reach his full potential and to improve his quality of life.
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"Well done sweetie - great job!!!"
£10.00 from Nadia O’Rourke
"Well done Ellie! What an amazing job!! xx"
£10.00 from Steph Costich
"Well done!! "
£10.00 from Lizzie
"I might be biased...but I have the best goddaughter!! Beautiful inside and out Elliebobs!! We are so proud of you!!! You smashed it. Love you ❤️ xxxxxxxxxxxx"
£15.00 from Auntie Kate and Uncle Rick
"Well done els 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽"
£20.00 from The mash's ♥️
£10.00 from Isabella wilkinson
"Good luck Ellie you will do fabulous xx"
£10.00 from Eva Nixon
£20.00 from Kara wilcock
"Super proud parents :-) "
£75.00 from Mum & Dad
£10.00 from Anonymous
"Good luck and well done for all your efforts."
£10.00 from Anonymous
"Go Ellie! Sorry we can’t come to support you because of blummin COVID! (Eve’s words) go smash it! "
£20.00 from Eve and Erin
"Keep going, it's wonderful what you are doing."
£20.00 from Pavla
"Well done Ellie x "
£HIDDEN from Ellie-May
"Good luck Ellie x"
£5.00 from Tracey Mcloughlin
"Well done Ellie such an amazing thing to do 💕 x "
£5.00 from Kyra
"This is amazing, Ellie! You're gonna smash it, and Ellis (the labrador) and I would love to join you for some laps x"
£20.00 from Gavin
£20.00 from Anonymous
£50.00 from Karl
"Smash it Ellie!!! "
£250.00 from Anonymous
"So proud of you Ellie, me and Alfie will be there to cheer you along. Xxx"
£20.00 from Katie R
"From Georgia to Ellie to help meet her target. Sending strength xx"
£20.00 from Sarah Burke
"Extra £10 for telling Josh a funny joke 😂. Proud of you El’s ❤️"
£10.00 from Kel & Josh
"Well done x"
£20.00 from Jo
"Great cause well done Ellie!! Good luck with the walk!! Xx"
£10.00 from Hayley S
£10.00 from Fleur Doves
£10.00 from Anonymous
£20.00 from Nicola Gough
"Go Ellie!!! And go team Noah xxx"
£30.00 from Becky
"Good Luck xx"
£10.00 from Tracey Holding
"Well done Elliebobs 💕 xx"
£20.00 from Debbie Throup
"Good luck Ellie 💕"
£10.00 from Jo Rourke
£10.00 from Sarah Christie
"Good luck xx"
£10.00 from Carol Ducker
£5.00 from Jess
"Well done Ellie, you are amazing raising money for Noah 🙌💕"
£HIDDEN from Jackie Wright
"Well done Ellie xx"
£10.00 from Louise Neary
"We are all so proud of you dear Ellie. Best wishes."
£30.00 from Vishal Sahni
"You got this Vicki 💪 Lots of love 💕 Dawn xxx"
£10.00 from Dawn Jenkins
"What an amazing thing to do Ellie, well done. Love from all the Barton’s 💕"
£20.00 from Jill Barton
"Good luck Ellie, you will smash it! "
£10.00 from Ashley Murphy
"You’ll rock it Ellie! Good luck, an amazing thing to do for little Noah 💙"
£10.00 from Carole Harrison
"Well done Ellie, what a fabulous thing to do for your adorable little cousin, Noah! Wishing you the best of luck x"
£20.00 from Sue Blackburn (work with your dad)
£5.00 from Lee Nuttall
"Noah will do just great with a big cousin like you by his side, good luck x"
£20.00 from Becki Powell
£100.00 from Kel & Josh
"Well done Ellie xx"
£10.00 from Nicola (Flame)
"Well done Ellie From Liam xx"
£10.00 from Lynsey Battle
"Smash it Elz Bellz I know you will !!!"
£130.00 from Adam Culshaw
"Good luck Ellie glad I can help "
£50.00 from Steven Powell

Noah Jack’s Journey

Just4Children are fundraising for vital physiotherapy sessions and specialised equipment to help Noah aged 5 months old from Preston reach his full potential and to improve his quality of life.

Our lives were turned upside down on the 17th November 2020 when our beautiful baby boy was born lifeless. He was quickly whisked away to intensive care and was placed on life support. At that time we didn’t know if Noah would survive. He received cooling mat treatment to prevent further brain damage but unfortunately the damage had already been done. A week later we received the devastating news that the MRI showed a moderate to severe brain injury and Noah had suffered Grade three HIE – Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy which basically means a lack of oxygen to the brain. 

Noah has fought his way to be here and continues to amaze us every single day.  Due to his brain injury Noah has been further diagnosed with a number of disorders including: Dystonia with painful muscle spasms, Cerebral Palsy, CVI or cognitive vision impairment, unsafe swallow currently tube fed, GORD Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and possible seizure activity. Despite all of this Noah is a determined little boy who has an infectious smile. We are so proud of Noah and want to be able to give him the best life possible.

Early intervention is key and therapy is the only way to to enable Noah to have the opportunity to gain more head control, to sit and hopefully walk! We want to provide Noah with weekly therapy sessions and to buy the more specialised equipment needed. Please help Noah to reach his full potential! Thank you for your support, it means so much to us and Noah.

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