Mother’s launch campaign to improve disabled toilets

A campaign has been launched by two mothers to improve the disabled toilets at a Leamington shopping centre after they are often forced to change their children on the floor. The ‘No More Floor’ campaign, launched by friends Emily Naismith and Francesca Anker, aims to raise £45,000 to install a fully-equipped disabled changing facility in the Royal Priors shopping centre.

The idea was conceived by the pair after struggling to change their children in the Priors’ small disabled toilet. Francesca’s six-year-old son, Ben, has a condition called polymicrogyria which leaves him wheelchair-bound. Now that he is older, his size makes it a lot more difficult for Francesca to change him. And Emily has experienced similar issues with her four-year-old daughter, Chloe, who has cerebral palsy.

Francesca said: “Both me and Emily have experience of this kind of thing. In order for me to change Ben I currently have to lay him down flat on the toilet floor – I have to carry a yoga mat around with me.”

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