Just4Children and Advance to work together

Just4Children and Advance, the pioneering charity for children with neurological challenges and brain injuries are pleased to announce that they will be working closely together to help children with a broad range of needs from cerebral palsy to autism.

Just4Children can help families with disabled children fundraise for treatment and therapy at the Advance Centre and may also support the cost of the childrens’ initial evaluation and the first therapy-training course (including a supportive course of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) if necessary).

Linda Scotson, Advance’s Director, says, “We are thrilled that we have been chosen by Just4Children to be one of the therapies and charities they are happy to support and fundraise for. We both share a common aim to support as many families and children as we can.”
Sheena Dunne, the Chair of Just4Children, enthuses further, “Advance is a world renowned treatment Centre and we are delighted that we can assist their children to get the treatment they badly need and deserve.”

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