Mum’s bid to raise £21,000 for son’s life-changing operation

A Southport mum needs to raise a minimum of £21,000 by January in order to pay for her son’s life-changing operation which isn’t available on the NHS.

Six-year-old Jude McHugh, who attends Ainsdale St John’s Church of England Primary School was diagnosed at 16 months old with cerebral palsy. The neurological condition is caused by a problem in the parts of the brain responsible for controlling muscles.

The severity of Jude’s condition means he is only able to walk with the use of a walking frame. However, an operation which is not yet available on the NHS called selective dorsal rhizotomy has the potential to enable Jude to walk unaided.

Jude will be completing a sponsored trike ride from Ainsdale to Birkdale which is the furthest he will have ever ridden.

Jude’s mum Lyndsey McHugh from Ainsdale said: “Basically at the moment he gets around using a walking frame. He goes to school and uses his walking frame and for longer distances he needs a wheel chair.”

The operation costs £21,000 however in order for Jude to make a full recovery and get the most out of the operation they’re hoping to raise a further £29,000 to cover the cost of physiotherapy.

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