Mum fears brain-damaged twins will be ‘wheelchair-bound’ without op

Surgery is ‘the only real hope’ to stop Luke and Jack, four, being deformed for life, says their mother

A mum fears her twins could be left deformed and wheelchair-bound for life without vital surgery not available on the NHS.

Andrea Hickey, 44, from Stoneycroft, said her four-year-old sons, Luke and Jack suffered brain damage after being born prematurely.

She said a doctor initially told her little could be done about their condition, known as periventricular leukomalacia, which led to cerebral palsy.

She described how her sons’ limbs were likely to degenerate as they grew, losing even the limited ability to walk they have now.

But she said she had never stopped trying to help them become as active as any other child, trying several forms of therapy and looking for answers.

She gave up her job as a hotel sales manager to care for her two sons, who have just started school at Springwood Heath Primary School, in Garston.

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