Mum describes Iyla’s miraculous recovery

Clacton mum describes daughter Iyla Harvey’s, 3, miraculous recovery when doctors said she had only hours to live

A three year old girl who was given just hours to live by doctors has defied the odds by making a miracle recovery.

Little Iyla Harvey, from Clacton, became seriously ill with sepsis – a deadly form of blood poisoning.

She was rushed to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge where her condition became critical.

Doctors told parents Chloe Bradwell, 26, and Matt Harvey, 25, their daughter would not survive once they turned off the ventilator.

But after two weeks in intensive care and another at Colchester General Hospital she miraculously defied medics by making a full recovery.

Chloe said: “I just couldn’t breathe when they told me – I couldn’t take it in.

“She stayed in resus at Colchester Hospital for six hours and once she was stable, she was transferred to Addenbrooke’s.

“On top of the sepsis, she had kidney failure and extensive fluid on her lungs.

“Doctors gave her a couple of hours to live because they didn’t think there was anything more they could do and were going to remove her breathing tube.

“We christened her in the hospital with all our family and prepared for the worst.

“But when they took the breathing tube out, she carried on breathing for herself.”

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