Mum appeals for public’s help as her son waits for brain surgery in USA

Billy suffers from intractable and status epilepsy which means his seizures cannot be controlled.

Little Billy is in America with his mum Charlotte and life should be wonderful. But it’s far from wonderful. In fact it’s terrifying, terrible and testing their every bit of their love, strength and faith.

Because at just 11 years old, Billy, from Co Tyrone, could die at any moment and his mother is battling to prevent his next breath being his last.

She rests on the bed beside him every time he sleeps, her arm around his shoulders, her eyes flickering as she desperately tries to stay awake so she can help him if he slips into a seizure.

And today Charlotte is asking for help for her boy as he awaits test results at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.

The prospect of surgery which is intended to prevent Billy’s dangerous seizures recurring, is daunting. But the prospect of not having the surgery is much worse despite the £300,000 bill it will involve.

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