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Millie’s Miles

Just4Children are raising money for Millie to receive life changing SDR Surgery allowing her to walk more freely.

Millie is nearly 4 years old from Barwell in Leicesterhire and has spastic diplegia cerebal palsy. We are fundraising for life changing surgery and on going physio and treatment which unfortunately is not offered on the NHS. Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy {SDR} would reduce the spasticity (stiffness) in Millie’s legs which in turn means she would be able to walk more freely and without the need for aids or wheelchairs.

Millie is a bright and energetic young girl who often gets frustrated that she is unable to take part in the activites that other children her age can more easily do.

The surgery involves going into the spine and identfying nerves that cause spasticity in the legs. The specific sensory nerves inducing spasticity are identified using electromyographic (EMG) stimulation. Abnormal nerve responses are isolated and cut, thereby reducing symptoms of spasticity. Unfortunately since 2015 the operation is no longer funded by the NHS.

On going physiotherapy, specialised equipment and adaptations to the family home will also be needed to give Millie the much needed independence she longs for.

We thank you all for your support.

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