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Just4Children are raising funds towards private physiotherapy costs to help Milla in her rehabilitation following SDR surgery to improve her mobility, balance and quality of life.

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Just4Children are raising funds towards private physiotherapy costs to help Milla in her rehabilitation following SDR surgery to improve her mobility, balance and quality of life.

Our daughter Milla is aged 4 from Worcester. She was diagnosed with mild bilateral diplegia cerebral palsy at 2 years old, when she started to miss some of her milestones. We do not know the exact cause but believe that a brain injury occurred during the 2nd trimester of Lucy’s pregnancy. Milla functions very well and is an independent walker but has spasticity in her legs which restrict her movement and affect her balance.

Last year we attended an assessment at Bristol Children’s Hospital to see whether Milla would meet the criteria for an operation called SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy). SDR is surgery to the spine whereby the sensory nerves are cut and spasticity is removed. Last year the NHS announced after a 2 year research programme to fund a tight criteria of patients for this surgery and we were very lucky to find out Milla meets this criteria, and have been given the go ahead with a surgery date of 21st March 2019.

The surgery however is only half of the story, as there is also 2 year rehabilitation program to follow. With this surgery you get great results if you put in the hard work of the physio to strengthen the muscles that have been left weak by the removal of spasticity.

So, to this end what we would like to do is try and raise funds for Just4Children to help us pay for private physiotherapy costs for Milla. The NHS are providing some physio therapy but she needs 2-4 sessions a week for at least 2 years, and we will need to fund private physio as well, which leads us to this fundraising page.

We didn’t imagine in our wildest dreams we were going to have this absolutely amazing but unexpected start to our campaign via the #charityninjas who we can’t thank enough. Milla’s Chance to Dance campaign has almost smashed its target within 10 days! Due to this we have amended the target, as any additional funds raised means we will be able to continually support Milla with additional physiotherapy past the two years rehabilitation program plus buy specialist equipment, coaching, boot camps and continual physio sessions which she will benefit from for the rest of her life.

Thank you so much and lots of love.

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