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Louie’s Pace – A Warrior’s Tale

Just4Children want to help improve Louie’s quality of life through therapy, equipment, treatment, surgery and a more comfortable life wishing Louie to walk independently and live pain free.

After a bad pregnancy Louie was born at 28 weeks 2016 weighing 2lb in Barnsley. He suffered a brain bleed, chronic lung disease, suspected sepsis, anaemia, stomach issues and was very poorly.

After months of blood transfusions, 3 hospitals, medications to make him stronger, Louie came home on 24 hour oxygen.

We realised he wasn’t reaching any milestones, was stiff and cried constantly. We desperately sought answers.

Just before his first birthday we were given the devastating news that Louie had multiple brain cysts PVL, a reason for not meeting his milestones and his restricted growth. We were told Louie most probably wouldn’t hold his head up, roll, sit, crawl, stand or walk.

We had to wait another agonising year before a MRI confirmed that Louie has quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy, along with global development delay, and severe PVL.
We work hard on his physio, hydrotherapy, portage standing and walking frame. Amazingly Louie can roll over, is learning to sit and walk, giving us hope for his future.

Please give generously.

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