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Lottie’s Little Legs

Just4Children are fundraising to send Lottie to America for a life changing operation to help her to walk unaided.

Lottie was born 15th October 2014 at 30 weeks due to my waters suddenly breaking. After a few days in NICU the doctors came to us to tell us that an ultrasound scan had revealed a grade 2 bleed on Lottie’s brain. The only thing I remember is the nurse telling me not to google it and that the least it could cause was it may take Lottie longer to be able to sit alone – and that’s what I kept telling myself.

As the months passed Lottie began smiling, gaining weight easily and showing lots of understanding. She was a very happy little baby. At Lottie’s 12 month check up she was still unable to sit up by herself and a couple of months later I asked to be referred to physio. Then, in March 2016 Lottie was diagnosed with Diplegic Cerebral Palsy.

Since the diagnosis our main worry as a family has been Lottie’s future and how will this affect her. We want our daughter to have the best life possible that she deserves!

For Lottie cerebral palsy means that when she wants to stand or walk the muscles in her legs and ankles tighten. This is called spasticity. After lots of research and reading other families stories we have found out about an operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR).

SDR is an operation that will cut the affected nerves in Lottie’s spine and free her from spasticity and pain.

After meeting with Miss Pettorini the SDR surgeon at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool, we feel very confident in her and have now decided to have the operation here in the UK.

We would also like to build and adapt a physio room for Lottie on to our home that is accessible all year round. We need a warm, fun, safe and secure environment for Lottie to carry out her home physio after she has had her SDR operation in January.

To be able to watch Lottie grow from strength to strength after her operation is going to be incredible but to be able to watch this happen in our own home and to have it readily available at any time of the day is going to be even more amazing than we could have ever imagined!

Please help and make all of this a dream come true for Lottie!

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