Lives never the same again

This little boy went to the doctors with a chest infection – days later he had a severe brain injury

When mum Laine took her baby to the doctors with a chest infection she did not realise their lives would never be the same again.

Just a fortnight later, upbeat and devoted mother Laine Lewis, 39, from Hucclecote, was having a conversation with a neurologist from the Bristol Children’s Hospital about the future of her two-month-old son Malachi Lewis who had suffered a brain injury.

Laine said: “Telling the family was really difficult. Some did not know what to say and called me a couple of days later and then others were really upset, however they have been an amazing support throughout.”

Malachi is now three years old. Life is tough for the little man but he is determined to try his level best to get through daily life tasks that we take for granted.

Malachi has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and is also visually impaired. He also has global developmental delay and a gastro reflux and problems sleeping and eating.

He also has seizures so is on medication for that along with several other medicines for sleep, toileting and anti-reflux. Malachi also has a calorie loaded milk which is specialist and can only really eat pureed food.

Laine said: “The first year of his life was mainly negative, but a lot of what they said would be affected was not quite as bad as we first thought.

“He is determined to do things for himself as best as he can and we should be too. He tries his hardest to lift that spoon to feed himself and it takes everything in him to do it.

“I feel that we as a family should give him a chance to be able to do whatever he can.”

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