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Little Warrior’s New Life

Just4Children are raising £100,000 to help with bilateral prosthetic legs and a robotic arm for Rhoman-Gray to have as normal a life as possible.

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Just4Children are raising £100,000 to help with bilateral prosthetic legs and a robotic arm for Rhoman-Gray to have as normal a life as possible.

Rhoman-Gary is aged 16 months from Nuneaton. On 25th May 2023, after having a healthy happy life for 13 months, he contracted meningococcal sepsis. He very nearly lost his life. He was on 27 supporting machines including a heart heater dialysis breathing machine. Rhoman-Gray has undergone 9 operations so far and will be needing many more through his lifetime. It truly is a miracle he is alive. A little warrior!

This page is set up to fund the prosthetics that the nhs do not offer until he is four years old and a robotic arm when he is 7 years which is not covered at all, and also the funds to get specialised clothing as he cannot wear many of the high street clothes.

After the first major operation Rhoman-Gray then started to get better day by day. He began to fight back and all his organs then started working with hard work and strength from his tiny body. He has had a very tough time with many set backs. His left arm had to be amputated from the elbow down due to the infection still being there stopping his recovery. Parts of his 3 fingers will also need to be removed.

My little warrior has a very long road ahead. As our family go through living in Birmingham hospital and helping his recovery, as you can imagine mine and my other child’s life had been tipped upside down.

All the nhs staff are amazed he is alive and recovering and have been absolutely amazing.

Any donation is gratefully received.

Many thanks

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