Libbi-Faith’s Fab Journey

Just4Children are looking to raise funds to access specialist therapies within the UK and US for Libbi-Faith who is aged 8 from Birmingham.

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Just4Children are looking to raise funds to access specialist therapies within the UK and US for Libbi-Faith who is aged 8 from Birmingham.

Libbi-Faith suffered a brain injury during her birth when she was starved of oxygen for around 20 minutes. She only had a very weak heart beat and thankfully she was worked on and soon resuscitated.

Libbi had to lay on a cooling mat for 72 hours to reduce the damage done to her brain.

Libbi wasn’t given very much hope for survival. We were told that she would only survive for a matter of hours certainly not days, weeks, months or years and, if she did, she would have severe brain damage and would not progress.

At 3 weeks old Libbi was transferred to a hospice for end of life care. We stayed there for 6 weeks where we were trained to care for Libbi’s needs. We came home for 1 night and she was admitted to hospital with double pneumonia before we were transferred straight back to the hospice. After 3 months we eventually came home as a family.

Libbi is now 8 years old and is making some progress. Libbi needs support with everything most of us take for granted like sitting unaided, standing, walking, talking – and is fed via a gastrostomy tube.

We are fundraising for Just4Children to help Libbi with some tailored physio therapy, which will help her to improve her head control and core strength so hopefully she will be able to sit unaided and, with continued progress, to stand and walk too. We would like to access some of the specialist physiotherapy within the UK whilst also travelling to the NAPA Center in the US.

Unfortunately due to the limitations the NHS face they cannot provide Libbi with the intensive therapy she needs. Libbi does get some physio therapy at school but this is limited due to staff child ratios.

Libbi is a happy little girl with a smile which wins the hearts of everyone she meets. Libbi faces challenges everyday and we are hoping that with the right support we can help her improve in all areas of her development and make life a little easier for her.

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