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Just4Children need your support to help Isaac beat the odds and learn to move independently.

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Just4Children need your support to help Isaac beat the odds and learn to move independently.

Isaac is aged 2 and a half from Oundle in Northants. He is a boy with a smile as big as his hair and an endearing love for life.

Isaac was born with a rare inherited metabolic condition called GA1 affecting 1 in 100,000 people. He is missing an enzyme which helps break down amino acids formed when protein is processed in the body. If he is unwell these acids can cause a metabolic crisis and brain damage. Isaac unfortunately was one of the rare cases who sadly had damage to the part of his brain responsible for getting him moving. Leaving him with a condition known as dystonia which causes dramatic fluctuations in muscle tone. As parents we had never felt more helpless in our lives. Despite all this Isaac never stopped smiling and enjoying life. He is our therapy and inspiration.

After a year of conventional physiotherapy, although valuable, we have not seen the progress we were hoping for and, are convinced Isaac is capable of. We looked for alternative therapies. That’s when we found CME therapy.

After a short time undergoing CME, Isaac is beginning to show improvements in his movements. He is learning new skills and strengths as a consequence of this fantastic therapy. After a year of Isaac being frustrated by his limited movements Isaac has been encouraged to learn correct ways of moving, which have not only helped him get stronger, but has made him feel more independent! His harsh body extensions and posturing are beginning to reduce, and as a side effect is becoming more confident. Without the wonderful treatment of his CME physio, none of this would be possible.

Unfortunately, the NHS doesn’t currently offer CME therapy and there are only 2 qualified practitioners in the UK. Just4Children’s target would allow Isaac to regularly attend the physio for the next 3 years.

We truly believe CME is Isaac’s best hope for reaching his full potential. Isaac has a love for life and a unbelievable determination to move and he won’t quit till he reaches his goal!

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