Layla takes first steps

A tearful Toothill mum whose disabled daughter took her first steps in March needs to raise £1,000 a month for her girl’s care.

Four-year-old Layla Moger was born with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy, which affects the movement of her legs and left arm.

Earlier this year parents Kelly Marie Smith and Joe Moger paid £25,000 for life-changing surgery in a private hospital in Bristol.

The procedure, called a selective dorsal rhizotomy, is no longer offered free through the NHS.

“Now she’s making great progress,” said mum Kelly Marie, 29.

The operation has meant that Layla, who attends Westlea Preschool, was able to take her first steps in March this year. According to her mum, it “came out of nowhere”.

“It was emotional,” said Kelly Marie. “The physio had gone into school – she videoed it.”

But specialist physiotherapy care at home and in school means mum Kelly Marie faces a monthly bill of £1,000.

The physiotherapy care ensures that Layla’s condition continues to improve following the operation.

“She’s making fantastic progress. She can stand up on her own and her confidence has boomed.

“At school she walks from table to table. I take her to school in the morning and she doesn’t want to go in her wheelchair.”

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