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Kicky’s Garden

Just4Children are fundraising for a safe place for Kicky to play and relax to open up his world.
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Kicky’s Garden

Just4Children are fundraising for a safe place for Kicky to play and relax to open up his world.

Kicky is aged 9 from Edinburgh.

Our current garden is unsafe for him to comfortably play in. As seen in the pictures the garden is of many levels with uneven ground.

We moved into this property 3 years ago and our first action was to apply for funding to help make the garden a safe space for Kearyn, his brother and the dogs. After a year of applications and long waits we had been accepted by a charity to help fund the project. Unfortunately, the world had Covid to deal with and many charities suffered. This led to our request being cancelled while already started projects got completed. 

This meant that once the charities had all got up to date with on hold projects we would be allowed to apply again. Given the issue this would potentially lead to a year or more wait. However, we couldn’t leave our garden in its current unsafe state, This may have been acceptable for a child with full awareness and mobility, but as many reading this already know, Kearyn is registered Blind, since his depth perception is so low, and has advanced Glaucoma in both eyes. In addition, he suffers with Hypermobility, with low muscle tone, Hyperextension of the joints, Noonan’s Syndrome, Moyamoya Disease (high stroke risk), Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), inoperable Optic Pathway Glioma, and Autism.

The list is long but we look at making his life that little bit easier each day.

Having the garden to play in will be like opening a new world to Kearyn, more so with recent restrictions and having to keep him isolated for his own safety.

The garden has been surveyed and a plan drawn up by Grange Landscaping

This project will not only see a decking area with ramp for Kearyn to easily venture into our garden but will also have a soft surface area for him to play without fear of falling onto a hard surface. The quote for the massive undertaking has come to an understandable and acceptable £10,000.

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