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Keeping Up With Kia

Just4Children want to raise funds for specialist equipment to improve Kia's health, mobility and quality of life.

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Just4Children want to raise funds for specialist equipment to improve Kia’s health, mobility and quality of life.

Kia is aged 9 from Glasgow. In December 2013 we were blessed with the bravest, strongest and sweetest little girl. Unfortunately, shortly after birth Kia began having life-threatening seizures and quickly we learned of the many painful difficulties she would face, and the daily battles our little warrior would have to fight.

Diagnosed with a life-limiting Epileptic Encephalopathy, Sensory Processing Disorder, Cerebral Visual Impairment, Sunflower Syndrome and Scoliosis, Kia’s physical and mental impairments are profound. She suffers multiple seizures of various types every day and is reliant on others for all of her care needs.

However, despite all Kia endures, it is often her smile and courage that lift us up! Everyone loves her bubbly nature, cheeky squeals, and her ability to brighten the darkest of days.

Unfortunately, as she is now growing so rapidly, new medical issues are arising, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet Kia’s care needs and keep her healthy. All the equipment which could help maintain her quality of life is extremely expensive. So, we are fundraising for Just4Children to purchase the equipment that can help keep Kia as pain-free, healthy and happy as possible.

We are eternally grateful for any support you might be able to give.

Love and Kia cuddles to everyone.

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