Keep Sienna Smiling!

Sienna Grace Shorto was born 15 November 2004 and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, spastic diaplegia when she was 13 months. We didn’t really know what this would entail at this early age, but we immediately started giving her physio on a daily basis, and tried to encourage speech by teaching her Makaton.

When Sienna started school she went to a mainstream school that had a resource centre, so she received regular physio and speech therapy etc.  Subsequently also diagnosed with Autism her physical needs are complex and she has acute learning difficulties and behaviour issues. In 2015 it was identified that Sienna had CDK 13 chromosome disorder, an extremely rare and newly discovered condition.  With only a handful of children having this condition worldwide it is unknown what this will entail.

Sienna is a happy, fun girl who loves the company of friends.  She has a great sense of humour, a beaming smile and really enjoys banter with older brother and sister.

We are raising funds to buy equipment so that Sienna can access the same facilities and classroom as her peers whilst still receiving the 1:1 care and physio that she needs.

Please help us keep Sienna smiling!