Keep Caitlin cheerleading!

Just4Children are trying to raise £75,000 for life changing scoliosis spine surgery for Caitlin so that she can continue competitive cheerleading, dance and all the things she loves.
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"Congratulations Deanne!"
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"Well done Katie and pals!!!! Such an achievement!! Go you!!!! Hope you raise tons of cash Rachael x"
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"Congratulations well done to you all"
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"Smashed the ride and now smashed your £1500 target. Here is my other £25 as promised. Well done each and everyone of you. Kev & girls"
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"Well done girls from Angies neighbour"
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"Well done Angie and the girls for completing 50+miles"
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"Well done Angie, super proud of you and the girls, amazing effort From Darren Jack & Lola"
£50.00 from Darren
"Well done Katy and gang! You’ve shown amazing commitment and determination! Super proud of you. I hope this makes the world of difference for Caitlin and her family. What an amazing thing to do xxx"
£28.75 from Claire Hendrick
"Well done all, what a journey! X"
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"Well done ladies you are amazing! Lots of love Kath and Paul x"
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"Great effort ladies. "
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"Well done Girls, 50miles is quite a feat! Good luck Caitlin ❤️"
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"Well done ladies. 50miles awesome achievement!! "
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"Well done all of you x"
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"So proud of you girls! You'll smash it tomorrow! ❤"
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"Good luck ladies especially Clair all this hard work will pay off love you. "
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"Good Luc, Katy and friends. Hope the weather is kind xx"
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"Good luck ladies! You will smash it. An amazing effort. X"
£HIDDEN from Amanda Stewart
"On the Eve of our big ride, I am sponsoring Katy,Deanne,Ang, Lynn & Kerry 10p a mile for every mile we will complete tomorrow! We will do it as a team and I am immensely proud of us all 💖🚴‍♀️💪"
£25.00 from Clair
"So proud of all the effort you girls have put into all your training! The end is in sight and you’ll smash those 50 miles.... see you at the finish line 🏁🚴‍♀️🥇❤️"
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"Great cause. Well done ladies. Xx"
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"Good luck girls for the big ride. You can do it. We'll done so far on the amazing training you gave all been achieving"
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"Good luck with the big bike ride girls and good luck to Caitlin! Love from John and Kathy Allerhand and Marlena and Liliana x"
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Keep Caitlin cheerleading!

Just4Children are trying to raise £75,000 for life changing scoliosis spine surgery for Caitlin so that she can continue competitive cheerleading, dance and all the things she loves.

Our beautiful daughter Caitlin is 16 years old from Norwich. She has been involved in dance since she was very small and she is in an all-star competitive international cheerleading team. These activities are her world.

6 months ago Caitlin was diagnosed with idiopathic Scoliosis, curvature of the spine. In Dec 2019 it was confirmed that Caitlin’s scoliosis was severe and that she would need surgery on her spine. We were told in this same appointment that she has a double ‘S’ curve and that meant that a vast amount of her spine would need to be fused with a metal rod and screws, in a very invasive surgery, losing most of her flexibility and leaving her only able to bend at the hips.

Seeing my child so devastated at the prospect of how her life would change and how she would have her hobbies and passions taken away from her was heart-breaking. It was made very clear that there is 100% risk for further progression in the curves in Caitlin’s spine. Significant curvature of the spine can also put increased pressure on the heart and lungs. I decided straight away that there must be something more I could do to help my daughter.

Through amazing support groups on Facebook, I discovered that in America and some parts of Europe there is an alternative surgery available called Non-Fusion Anterior Scoliosis Correction (ASC). The main advantage of this surgery is that it preserves spinal flexibility and Caitlin would be able to continue all the things she loves.

In Feb 2020 we had a consultation in Barcelona at Centro Medico Teknon with Dr Olaverri, an amazing spinal surgeon. He has confirmed that Caitlin is an ideal candidate for ASC and needs the surgery this year. As well as being incredibly scared at the prospect of major spinal surgery we are just so happy and relieved that with this surgery our beautiful girl will then be able to lead the rest of her life as she chooses, which with her cheerleading background is usually upside down!

As Covid has meant we lost our chance for non-fusion surgery over the summer, we now need time to find the next best solution for Caitlin. Until relevant surgery can go ahead Caitlin will benefit from specialised equipment and support to give her relief and comfort and enable her to carry on living her life to the full with her scoliosis. We also now need to consider Schroth therapy techniques, specialised scoliosis exercise boot camps and therapeutic techniques to give support while we face the uncertainty of whether Caitlin will still be a good candidate for ASC.

We want to say a huge, heartfelt thank you in advance for your support.

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