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Jude the Impossible

Our beautiful son Jude suffered a hypoxic brain injury during birth. Just4Children are asking for help to fund the therapy he needs to keep on achieving the impossible and live an amazing life against the odds.

Our baby Jude arrived on 23rd March 2018, but all was not as we’d hoped. He was born not breathing, floppy and with no pulse. After four days of treatment in intensive care, we were told that he had suffered a global, irreversible brain injury and would not breathe unaided. Jude was moved to a private room so we could say goodbye to our little boy.

We bathed and dressed Jude for the first time and held him close as his ventilator was removed. Against all the odds, he continued to breathe by himself.

Jude has been diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, vision impairment and hearing loss. Sadly, his condition places him at the edge of the capabilities of our NHS. In order to thrive he needs specialist therapies that can aid his development.

He is still very sleepy, but when awake and happy he has demonstrated the brain’s incredible ability to adapt and learn with the right guidance.  We want to give him every opportunity to have a happy and independent life.

Thank you for your support.

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