Jerome’s Wish to Walk

Jerome needs SDR surgery to achieve a better quality and pain free life.

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Jerome needs SDR surgery to achieve a better quality and pain free life.

Jerome is a 6 year old boy who lives in Manchester. He is a very happy, fun loving, sociable boy who is full of life and loves the outdoors. Jerome’s quality of life is severely affected by limited mobility and painful muscle spasms.

Jerome suffered a brain injury before birth which resulted in cerebral palsy, which has left him confined to a wheelchair. As Jerome is getting older, the spasticity in his legs has become worse resulting in him experiencing considerable pain.

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) surgery has been recommended for Jerome as a solution to the difficulties that Jerome is currently experiencing. This procedure is to be performed at Alder Hey children’s hospital and it comes at a considerable expense. There are also additional post operation costs for intensive physiotherapy and purchasing equipment to facilitate Jerome’s recovery.

SDR surgery is a procedure that treats muscle spasticity caused by abnormal communication among the brain muscles. It achieves this by cutting the nerve rootlets in the spinal cord, thus reducing spasticity while improving the range of motion and functional mobility.

Through this operation Jerome will benefit from permanent surgical elimination of spasticity that is at the heart of cerebral palsy. He will gain significantly in terms of mobility, stamina and independence and be able to manage in most environments. He will, in short be able to do the things he can only dream of today and enable him to reach his full potential.

Please help us make Jerome’s dream of achieving a better quality and pain free life a reality.

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