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Jenson’s Giant Leap

Jenson is aged 3 from High Wycombe. He has CP and has been accepted for SDR surgery which we hope will help him to walk independently. Money will be needed for physiotherapy post operation which may last several years.

Jenson was born at 29 weeks, 11 weeks early, weighing just 2lb 5oz. He spent 11 weeks in special care and fortunately he had an uneventful stay. It wasn’t until he was nearly a year old we realised he wasn’t sitting properly and he was sent for an MRI. Soon after we received the devastating news that Jenson had Cerebral Palsy.

No one could tell us how this would affect him and we grew accustomed to just waiting to see. However, the weeks and months passed and Jenson was still not walking. As this turned into years it became clear that Jenson’s Cerebral Palsy was going to have a fundamental impact on his life. He also started to wake at night in terrible pain from the tight muscles in his legs.

We then heard about a relatively new operation called SDR. More information about the operation can be found here.

The more we researched this procedure the more we realised it was something we wanted Jenson to have. It would rid him of all tightness and pain in his legs and possibly allow him to walk unaided. So, we set about trying to make this possible for him and we travelled to Great Ormond Street to see if they would accept him for the operation.

Jenson was accepted and considered an excellent candidate and in the last few weeks we have heard the incredible news that the operation will be funded on the NHS (which it wasn’t when we were accepted).

However, the operation is only half the story. After the operation Jenson will need years of intensive physio for him to make any gains from this operation. We cannot put him through this gruelling operation for nothing and the much needed physio isn’t funded. We would also like to make the garden fully accessible for daily exercise for Jenson.

This is why we are fundraising for Just4Children. At between £50 – £80 per session and him needing a number of sessions a week in the first few months we are hoping to raise £30,000 so that hopefully after this amazing operation we can get him all the physio he will need. This will enable Jenson to live more comfortably without the tightness in his legs, learn to walk like his twin brother and maybe just maybe run, jump, climb and dance with him too.

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