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Jacob’s Journey

Just4Children are raising funds to support Jacob who needs on going specialist therapy to help develop his skills and to give him the best chance of independence and mobility.

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Our little prince Jacob is 4 years old from Chingford. He was born without a heartbeat due to his mummy suffering internal bleeding. He took his first breathe after 13 mins, and subsequently suffered severe bilateral brain damage.

Due to Jacob’s brain injury, he has uncontrollable epilepsy, cortical visual impairment, and quadriplegic cerebral palsy which affects his mobility and ability to communicate. He is entirely dependent on others

Jacob requires ongoing therapy to provide him with the best opportunity of gaining some independence and functional skills.

Since he was born he has been to various therapies such as: hyperbaric oxygen therapy, ABM, MAES, Scotson Technique, private physiotherapy, cranial sacral therapy and most recently a trip abroad for stem cell therapy. We were able to fund some of this through the previous support we received from fundraising for which we are internally grateful to everyone that donated

Unfortunately Jacob’s conditions are life long and therefore he will need continuous therapy and specialist equipment which the nhs don’t provide and all of which are costly.

Jacob currently attends private physio sessions twice a week and intensive blocks of ABM therapy.

After stem cell therapy Jacob’s seizures reduced and he is more alert. We would one day like to be able to take him for another round of stem cell therapy. With the hope that we see further gains. We also hope to take Jacob to the NAPA centre in the USA where they provide a 3 week intensive programme of different therapies to help with his functionality, mobility and cognition.

We also hope to provide Jacob with the appropriate specialist equipment he deserves to promote independence and comfort and to avoid future skeletal and postural problems.

Jacob inspires me as a parent and person to do the best I can for myself and for him. He fights and struggles everyday for the things we take for granted which is heartbreaking and feels so unfair. He wasn’t expected to survive 2 days, but he still fights strong everyday and will be 3 in September. He is our world, so we want to be able to give him the world. 

Thank you 

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