Izzy’s Gran set for Skydive

A Newquay grandmother is leaping into action from 10,000 feet to help raise money for her granddaughter’s operation. Heather Pearce will be jumping out of a plane to help reach the target of more than £80,000 for Izzy Pearce  to have a life-changing operation which could allow the six-year-old to walk.

Izzy, who has cerebral palsy spastic diplegia, is unable to walk, or even stand, unaided due to her condition but a complex spinal operation would permanently reduce or eliminate the stiffness and spasticity in her legs.

The idea of jumping out of a plane to help fundraise was first brought up as a joke by Heather’s son Mike, but the 62-year-old kept thinking about it and decided to take the plunge.

Heather explained: “After a while I thought, why not do it? Having grandchildren is something so special and I would do anything to help Izzy or her sister Gabby. The reaction from people has been very positive – most of them are surprised but if there is something so dear to you, so special, it has to be done.  The reaction to Help Izzy Walk from the community has been so incredible it leaves me lost for words and actually makes me quite emotional. It’s only right I do my part and at least it lets me cross something off my list!”

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