Isabelle’s Dream

Help us raise £70,000 for Just4Children so Isabelle can have selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery (SDR) in America. The race is on as her surgery date is 30th June and we still have a way to go………

Isabelle is aged 6 from Alresford in Hampshire. She suffers with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy. It means that Isabelle has no balance, she can’t stand still and can’t walk like you or I, she constantly falls over. She finds every day tasks impossible like dressing herself or going to the toilet.

We are raising money to send her to America to have selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery (SDR) with Dr Park. This surgery will permanently remove the spasticity in her legs and hopefully mean that she can stand still. This alone would change her life.

Her dream is to be able to walk and run with her twin brother Joshua and her little brother Benjamin……..not much to ask when you are 6 years old.

TEXT ISDR55 to 70070 donate £5 from your phone.

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