Virtual Quiz Events

Virtual Quiz Events enables fundraisers to have fully-hosted quiz events whereby their supporters can play from anywhere in the world, while automatically generating fundraising for their campaign.

All fundraisers need to do is set the date and time that they want their fundraiser quiz, and how much they want people to pay to enter the quiz event and the rest is done for you. Simply invite as many people as possible to take part. The fundraiser quizzes take just 20 minutes, and have 6 rounds of 5 multiple choice questions in the categories of General Knowledge, Film & TV, Sport, and Music. It’s that simple.

After the quiz is completed, the fundraiser is allocated 60% of the player quiz entries which can be donated to their fundraising page.

The 1st placed player in the quiz receives 10%, 2nd place receives 6%, and 3rd place receives 4%. So, as well as being a fun, interactive way of fundraising, your supporters can win cash prizes.

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