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Huxley the Little Hero

Help fund the treatment Huxley needs to overcome the impossible and live a fulfilled life against the odds.

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"Well done lads on behalf of Colin Bird!"
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"Well done for a beautiful boy xx"
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"Amazing work guys, well done!"
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"Well done James on the epic ride! Sending your family lots of love from CA - Joanna & Josh x"
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£HIDDEN from Jamie Webb
"What an achievement ! Well done to you all ."
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"Well done guys! Love Gemma and James xxx"
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"Amazing work guys! Rachael & Steve xx"
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"Well done men. A truly incredible cause."
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"For an inspirational boy with inspirational parents. Xx"
£31.50 from Eleanor Cross
"Hi James, I'm a good friend of Louise's and I've heard lots about you and Huxley. Wishing you lots of luck with this x"
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"Well done James! xx"
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"Nice one James and crew! For our darling Huxley, Love from Aunty Lucy. xx"
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"From Karen and Neil (your friendly Joubert neighbours). Good luck!! X"
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£30.00 from charlie boyle
"Good luck James and fellow cyclists, wishing you all the best and hope you raise lots of money for this very worthy cause.🚲"
£30.00 from Thomas H Jensen
"Really moved by your story. XXX"
£55.00 from Stephanie Hunt

Help fund the treatment Huxley needs to overcome the impossible and live a fulfilled life against the odds.

This is Huxley. He’s 2 years old and is a little charmer from Surbiton.

Huxley entered the world on his due date. However, during his birth he suffered a catastrophic brain injury, leaving him with fractured skull, an edema the size of his head and a lack of oxygen to his brain. He started having seizures on day two of his life whilst in a coma, and we were told that it’s unlikely that he would breathe on his own once they removed his intubation tube and that we may want to say our goodbyes. Huxley had other ideas…..he fought hard to breathe, feed and defied all odds to make it home with us.

We soon learned that the damage to his brain was far greater than initially thought and he was diagnosed as Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, with global developmental delay.  Our hearts sunk for our courageous little boy who had fought so hard to survive. His condition now means that he has no independent movement and he is unable to sit, roll, crawl, talk, see or feed himself, experiencing multiple seizures a day.

Life through Huxley’s eyes is tremendously different to that of an able child, but he still wants to play like a normal little boy, has a cheeky grin that can light up a room and loves the world that he knows. He is a fighter and each month shows small improvements. But the development gap widens as time goes on and he slips further behind, isolating him from day to day realities.

We know Huxley won’t lead a normal life and there are some things he will never be able to do, but giving him every opportunity to develop, so that maybe one day he can support himself in his chair to play with his friends to feel like a normal boy is a dream that we can build on.

With your donations to Just4Children, we can fund more intensive specialist physiotherapy and equipment and the opportunity for selective surgery. Huxley will also need specialised home care to assist with his feeding via a nasal gastric tube, to make him as comfortable as possible and to support his therapies. Hopefully we can strive to enhance his world beyond the challenges that lie ahead of him.

It’s the only life he’ll know, so please help us give our little hero one worth fighting for.

Thank you for your support.

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