Hudson the SuperHero

Just4Children need your support so that Hudson can have specialist therapy and equipment to lead his life as normally as possible.

Hudson is our superhero. He is 6 year old boy from Orpington in Kent, who has cerebral palsy and was fortunate to have life changing SDR surgery at GOSH in February 2020. 

Following the surgery, Hudson’s specialist treatment and equipment has been fundamental for him to continue to make progress. It is necessary for him to have: 3/4 physiotherapy sessions as week; regular two week intensive block therapy courses; adapted footwear and specifically modified splints, all of which are not available on the NHS. 

We are not naive to the fact that he is likely to need further surgeries and there will be set backs, but what you are helping to provide, is giving him the most incredible chance at smashing through so many barriers, which once prevented him from being able to do so many things we take for granted. He can now walk unaided without falling every few steps, jump, dance, kick a ball, and hop on his right foot! 

We are beyond grateful for the love and support we have already received throughout Hudson’s journey and cannot wait to share the rest of his journey with you all and see what else is possible for this superhero. 

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