Housebuilder helps fund Scarlett’s Next Steps

A family is celebrating this week after receiving a £1,000 donation towards vital treatment for their young daughter. Scarlett Moore, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy following a traumatic birth, has been gifted the money from Persimmon Homes East Scotland’s Community Champions scheme towards the cost of Advanced Biomedical Rehabilitation (ABR).

Scarlett’s mother, Laura Moore said: “We’re really happy to have received this generous donation from Persimmon Homes towards the cost of ABR therapy.

“The therapy itself is a rehabilitative home-based therapy used to treat children with cerebral palsy by bringing about predictable recovery of muscular skeletal structure.

“We’re already seeing improvement in Scarlett’s body after only three months of therapy, but with a year’s worth of treatment costing just under £6,000 we’ve been doing everything we can to raise the funds, including our own Just Giving and Crowdfunding websites for Scarlett’s Next Steps.

“We’ve already raised around £4,500 with this latest donation bringing us even closer to our overall target.”

Jim Kirkpatrick, Managing Director for Persimmon Homes East Scotland said: “I really am pleased that we’ve been able to help this special family with the cost of treatment for their young daughter.

“The Community Champions initiative is there to help charities and groups in the areas we build in to make a real contribution to those causes important to the residents there.”

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