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Just4Children are raising funds for Henry to have life changing therapies, the associated equipment and developmental support he needs to reach his full potential in life.

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Just4Children are raising funds for Henry to have life changing therapies, the associated equipment and developmental support he needs to reach his full potential in life.

Henry is 4 years old. He is a happy and smiley boy who is full of personality. He loves being around other people. Company and interaction are his favourite. He loves to chat and listen to funny sounds and he loves swimming and reading dear zoo and the Gruffalo. Most of all he loves a cuddle and a bit of rough of tumble with his brothers.

Following a premature birth, Henry sustained a severe brain injury and spent 14 weeks in neonatal care. At 10 months old Henry was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy and a severe vision impairment. Henry also has hearing loss requiring bilateral hearing aids and is partially fed by feeding tube. In 2019 Henry was diagnosed with epilepsy which is now controlled by medication and the ketogenic diet.

The amount of support Henry requires to help him meet his full potential isn’t available through public services and so Just4Children are hoping to raise funds for therapy and equipment to support Henry to live his best life possible. To date the Heroes for Henry Campaign has raised enough funds to help improve Henry’s future by allowing him to access therapies and by funding equipment.

All of these therapy opportunities and pieces of equipment have been amazing but they aren’t a cure for Henry. Henry will require these interventions for the rest of his lifetime and to ensure he can still access these opportunities we must continue to fundraise. This is where we need the help of others. Without people supporting us and helping us to fundraise these opportunities would not be available.

We are hoping to raise enough funds to allow Henry to have regular therapies, intensive therapies and the equipment and everyday support to allow him to live his best life. Henry is very determined. He has overcome so much in his short life so far. Please help us in our journey to help Henry live his life to the fullest.

More of Henry’s story can be read on Instagram @twinkletwinkleourlittlestars

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